Pentagon says allies will unite to train Ukrainians on F-16s, but warns jets aren't 'magic weapons'


The Pentagon says European allies are developing a program to train Ukrainian forces on flying F-16 fighters, but it's also issuing a warning about expecting too much from the jets. There's no magic weapons in war. Joint chiefs chairman Mark milley says for one thing, F-16s are expensive. The jets themselves. And the pilots to go with them and the system costs and the missiles and the maintenance do the math. $2 billion for ten aircraft. The Russians have a thousand fourth and 5th generation fighters. And Ukraine will need a substantial amount if it wants to contest Moscow in the air. The smartest thing to have done is exactly what we did do. Which was spend money first on getting Ukraine air defenses and ground capabilities that have allowed them to hang in the fight. Millie says had the F-16s come first. You wouldn't have tanks you wouldn't have Bradley's. You wouldn't have anti army weapons. You wouldn't have anything else. You'd spend all your money on just that. Sagar Meghani, Washington.

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