Facing GOP backlash, McCarthy labors to shore up votes for debt deal in time to prevent US default


House speaker Kevin McCarthy is hunting votes for the dead ceiling and budget deal he negotiated with President Biden, a bill conservatives are blasting for not having enough spending cuts. Some Republicans like Oklahoma's Tom Cole say the bill does the job by avoiding a debt default. And we will achieve real reductions in spending while doing so. But the hard right house freedom caucus and chairman Scott Perry say there aren't nearly enough. And we will do everything in our power to stop it. With some conservatives warning of potentially trying to oust McCarthy. I'm not sure what everybody wanted. We couldn't get everything we wanted. He needs two thirds of Republicans to approve the bill. Here at The White House. This compromise agreement is reasonable for both sides. Budget chief shalanda young says the discussion now should be about getting the bill to President Biden, not about which party won. The American people came out ahead. Sagar Meghani at The White House.

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