Oh my gosh large apple watch pless air pods the future you guys



Serey speaking series a huge improvement when i am driving if i get a text message i am i want look at my watch because it's so tiny of court i can ask siri on my found two to read me a text message which siri can't do on your apple on series to apple watch so the m if for safety reasons it's a huge improvement to be able to continue to drive with with ice free and focusing on the road and not lake be tempted to look down at your tiny little screaming trader read that text message that just popped in air part of this like you have access to the universe oh my gosh large apple apple watch pless air pods the future you guys not but not leak on that note to it's really impressive that speaker theoretically the speaker is the same the design has just change somewhat but whatever they did to the design has dramatically improve the way the speaker sounds there are a couple apps like for instance just press record lets you listen to your memos after you've recorded them locally on the watch on and the memos sound really really good i'm trying to see if i can pull went up and played into the mic here or maybe you're not i'll just record one live so i just tap the record button on just plus record and i am recording on my watch my my hand is sitting right knack down next to my legs side not even talking directly into the speaker i'm just kind of letting it be as is going to go ahead and stop that ends today at eleven twenty five fifteen seconds go ahead of time but not just crushed court oranje.

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