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Mr the magic minute man davante parker the magic minute man did join the point them in a man their way he was getting new an entire week's worth of value in that last minute he's just sees talented he's gonna he's gonna get targeted from jay cutler it's against the saints on buying into the match up now buying into davante parker again okay i i did the math if he can replicate like keep pace with that final drive throughout the whole season he'll put up a bout fourteen thousand four hundred fantasy points so that's good news if he can just i'll take fifty percent of their my my running back started a week as chris carson admission it before processes banged up and he's the only one that took snaps away from carson last week carson got in to the end zone through the air and i look it's his backfield any plays indianapolis so that's just juicy and and i thank you i think you will have tough decision i think there will be those out there because of where you picked up carson you're saying harsono corral carson or abdulah carson are some of these struggling starters that you drafted to be a starter and look i play carson overall of chris carson or jr quiz rogers chris carson okay yeah i don't i don't blame you there i'm gonna go with christian mccaffrey this week the carolina panthers he obviously cam newton spin told we don't want you to run as much calvin benjamin is is banged up and they're playing the patriots in foxborough that this is a high over under the patriots are going to put a points and you're gonna have a lot of opportunity for the dump off screens that the patriots so far have not been able to really handle they've they have not done a good job guarding that in if christian mccaffrey has the opportunity to broker you know each yet nine receptions for one hundred yards last week and i think this is a match up where he could break something to get in the end zone and i think he's a great start.

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