A catalogue for a movie memorabilia auction


So i turn to work this morning and there is a catalogue for a movie memorabilia auction and i look at the front of it on the cover and i'm like as the ship from stone wars it's a pro from stomas this book is really thicke the as the three hundred fifty plus pages the right memory and it is today was what am i favour firms owes any of the south rozier sat to the cia back to the future there is a graze sports almanac cover if you know the film yes to imprinted fall the film turned the page it's only marty him at flies lights up nike shoes with powell isis wow how much they go for it is down in the catalogue between twenty five and thirty five thousand pounds i'm telling you now these have got fifty grand mumia minimum rights tight know but this i had some concerns electronic components so in theory the nike logo lights up what else is the past presidents cancer eriksson phone from tomorrow never dies yet playing cards from casino royale snake could be any continent and rid they ridiculed bears any for anymore cool runnings shuttle kumar and he's a great film cool running esa bobsleigh this movie memorabilia like star wars and good for now godfather rinaldo vat a you wouldn't have gotten lethem cold runnings yes please while they do oh got bobsleigh they've got the bobsleigh team suits grave yet that will recode.

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