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Of the week blood to bama all day long number four spreads currently alabama minus21 gay touchdown favorites any mcgee bamut give me with with them out to all i'll give up belmont as twenty one i'm in number four which one would never number four of i like as well voices body number seven penn state is looking to rebound from their heartbreaking loss ohio state last weekend and it doesn't get much easier as they have to travel to east lansing to take on number 24 michigan state sake one barkley and company will face a stiff test as the spartan durant number nine in all of college football until defense and number four in rushing defense i'm a big believer especially in college football the teams take on the personalities their head coach and that loss to oust eight that was a james franklin collapse it'll be really interesting to see how his team responds how he responds because there are still very much in this thing that they can just start winning again football games number five number seventeen u s e bounced back after being trounced by notre dame two weeks ago as they beat arizona state by thirty one this week they'll host the second ranked arizona wildcats who put up fifty eight points in a win over number fifteen washington state last week you scn arizona are the top hopped two teams in the pac 12 south so the winner will likely end up in the petrol title game yeah you 'seve appointing rarely go football i as i do kinda miss do you guys wash much i it's hard to watch west goes games in these coast it's very difficult it is and i when i moved here my god naga on i love west coast games i'm gonna keep watching yeah it's cool it's two in the morning and i'm tired lighters five things on cbs news all right we're gonna talk to ted johnson from i am 610 in houston our affiliate threetime super bowl champion former patriot and right now houston the epicenter of the sports world the astros additional watson injury bob near we'll get into all those things when we come back to the show right of the new with me bill rider before we do that let's get a cbs.

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