The movie customer didn't take the product with them when they left the store


Universal studios was founded by karl lamle i diminutive german immigrant born in eighteen sixty seven who became one of the original major studio moguls almost by accident after arriving in the united states and bouncing around the midwest in various industries as a bookkeeper salesmen and manager lamle had jumped into the movie business after observing what seemed to him like the magical truism of the nickelodeon unlike say the customer at the department stores where he had worked the movie customer didn't take the product with them when they left the store in the movie business the product stayed with the seller and you could sell the same damn thing to countless new customers streaming in and out of your doors lamle proceeded to build a studio based on publicity stunts that would create new customers and keep the old ones interested he invented a new kind of fake news when he hired florence lawrence lawrence was an actress who had been the top attraction at her previous studio by a graf where she was known merely as the by of graph girl back in ninety eight stars were not promoted or even build by their real names so that movie producers could easily replace them but moviegoers fell in love with laurence and clamoured for more of the actress who they dubbed the by a graf girl hoping to take advantage of her popularity lawrence had been seeking better terms at other studios and when by a graf discovered this bay fired her lumley snatched lawrence at for his film company then called independent moving pictures or imp lumley was able to win out over his competitors by offering to applaud lawrence's name her real name.

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