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Fear not just frustration at the unfairness of at all but perhaps some frustration with maybe we did this to ourselves as chris ballard the gm there talkedabout his perspective him claiming hey if if anything else if nothing else at least we're telling the truth there's never been once a time where i've tried to mislead as an organization we tried to mislead we've been very this this whole thing's been very fluid and i don't ever want ought to think that were not being honest when were were up here too late i on the caribbean us when rather be in our view i'm not going to live a to you either i think your life that aligned little strong i think there's real concerns about the future of your quarterbacks career and i think you are the reason those concerns import exist anchors ballard went on to talk about that we think for the longterm interest of andrew this is the best course of action i've heard all kinds of rumors about career in name as that's not the case here i've not got that from one doctor the best case longterm outcome for andrew as an andrew lock we'll have been coming to this conclusion if it was the proper one before you head in practice again with their football team in green bay the reactions been a little different because you know wants to blame mike mccarthy is not to blame ted thompson is not to blame nobody's to blaming green bay not even anthony bar it was a football boy but you do have to react a move on you have to come up with a plan you have to find a quarterback and sometimes even good guys out no my mccarthy i know people who played forms he's a good guy can get a little selfrighteous and take their anger out on the wrong people if you remember few weeks ago there was a capper nic question in an exchange about it to legitimate one who's going to replace aaron rogers who's going to try and salvage his green bay season who's going to try to make sure that you don't seed the north to what looks like the vikings and that come down to finding the right quarterback brad humbly as and we'll take the guy and when this all began in an exchange of the border mike mccarthy was pretty unequivocal about what he would and would not consider that position.

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