How the grinch stole christmas which i produced with jim carrey which became a perennial


Films that they do after that fit they know but uh we they did a lot for me they worked a little bit on liar liar for me that worked a little bit a nutty professor for me i produced a movie with arnold schwarzenegger that was kind of fun called kindergarten cop they wrote on that i would pull them into every they they'd always take oh they took a look at how the grinch stole christmas which i produced with jim carrey which became a perennial they help there they became my goto guys on every single thing ron's of course ron howard will you writing that while you're working to you're working at warner brothers at this point right uh i started it while i was working as a law clerk i began the id the feeling of it um but the minute were a law court to i was a law clerk it was just a default job that that uh i was supposed to go to law school at you i went to us sales would go law school at esi but i knew there be no way i could ever get through law school not a chance but i had to pick a lane so i picked that lane and i got a job as a law clerk at warner brothers it could have been at any time any place i knew nothing about show business and my boss was named peter connect he was about seventy five seventy six years old he started with jack warner and there is he i worked in a tiny little sliver of an office and at one moment i said to my boss peter can i have this other office the office was three times the size of his it was the size of a handball court they just fired someone that was senior vice president of the business affairs right outside of the office of ted ashley the chairman john kelly vice chairman of the president frank wells miles was right there number four and no one knew who i was i was a little lowly five dollar an hour law clerk and everybody i bullshit at my way straight into their offices i read every script every manuscript and i just discontinued the idea of ghana law school and i.

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