What happens in a mother's brain when her baby cries



Healthy brain as a one hundred watt bald orphans usually have a forty what that's because a child's brain needs a reliable source of attention affection and stimulation children born into neglect lack these things and are slow to develop the grey and white matter in their brains in other words their brains were physically smaller so what's the difference between grey and white matter but gray matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control sensory perception emotions decisionmaking and selfcontrol now light matter is the insulation between the gray matter it can transmit electrical signals far more quickly than gray matter allowing different sections of the brain to communicate if you think of the brain as a city gray matter is like the big buildings were all the work gets done and white matters like the telephone lines allowing quick transmissions from one building to another so how does foster care factor into this the study found that for kids in an orphanage these problems persisted however when a child was adopted by foster parents their brains development increased they made improvements in iq socioemotional functioning and language though they still fell short of the control group who had never been institutionalised so it's possible for neglected kids to make a pretty good recovery if they are adopted by foster parents yeah the earlier the better the results improved drastically if the child is adopted before aged two also it's worth noting that while it was possible for the children to recover the missing light matter their gray matter volume stayed low regardless of whether or not they were put into foster care.

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