Bus carrying Humboldt Broncos of Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League involved in fatal collision


The new york yankees take on the baltimore orioles chris pitches today at one time on brother station six forty the hurricane it's world health week so thank you for raising money to cure kids a parasites here's grace with an update house born in africa and i had parasites i was scared by the medicine we're asking you to provide that cost only forty four cents about four million children die every year from the effects of parasites we want to get to a million children cured said the phone number still works on the radio station website still works please keep calling eight five forty four five forty four eight we've now thanks canadian police say this hour that fourteen people are dead fourteen injured three of those injuries are critical right now after a bus carrying a junior hockey team collided with a transport truck friday night on a rural highway schedule on rcmp inspector ted monroe says the number of dead and injured will continue to be monitored rescue effort jemaine ongoing and that remains are primarily focused at this time the rcmp says the bus was carrying the humboldt broncos to a game when it crashed troops are being deployed to the mexico border despite resistance from some governors brigadier general tracy norris of the texas national guard announcing late friday that her troops are following the commander in chief orders as of deployment will include command and control coordination cells and operational planning as requested in support of the federal entities already on the border in arizona about one hundred and fifty national guard members will deploy to the border next week on wall street the dow fell five hundred seventy two points todd ant abc news w r m f hd two choice calvin here for alpha impact windows and doors and look we struggle when hurricanes are heading our way what we watch hurricanes hit another state in the union why are you wrestling with the plywood in the metal panels and then having to take them all down when you could call.

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