1 killed in mall shooting - World News


From abc news john chuck sivertsen just in the past hour a mall shooting in southern california the oaks mall and thousand oaks reported by the ventura county sheriff's office police in thousand oaks confirm there was a shooting one person was dead on scene another was transported to a hospital very quickly police said it was not an active shooter the scene was contained they say there is no threat to the public the mall was evacuated police around seen alex stone abc news los angeles after recovery effort at the miami bridge collapsed with heavy equipment pulling off rebel from smash cars under the span one peres director miami dade police says there are now four bodies they expect the number to grows going to be sometimes it's going to be a very difficult process investigation continues russia's presidential election is underway says abc's patrick revel in moscow there's no doubt who will win in russia's presidential election on sunday vladimir putin has offensively cleared the field of candidates who could challenge in one thing to watch though the opposition leader alexei navalny who was barred from the ballot has cooled a boycott he's also mobilized thousands of volunteers to actors election monitors their suspicions authorities may try to inflate the elections turn out police have already been harassing some of novellas volunteers with reports of a small number of searches and a few arrests pachauri rievaulx abc news moscow president trump on twitter a day after his attorney general fire deputy fbi director andrew mccabe alleging leaking lying and corruption at the fbi justice in state abc news has learned that mccabe has been interviewed by special counsel muller's team according to a source familiar with the matter newly commissioned in a ceremony in recent hours the us navy's newest attack submarine with the colors and the commission pennant the uss colorado at groton connecticut naval sub base the first attack submarine were sailors use an xbox gaming.

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