Congress, Louise Slaughter and Fred Eckart discussed on People's Gospel Hour


On the mike gallagher show there's been a lot of conversation about members of congress retiring deciding to throw in the towel sometimes god has his hand in the exit of a member of congress representative louise slaughter a democrat who represented the rochester area in congress since nineteen eightyseven has died she was eighty eight years old she had suffered a head injury after a fall she'd been hospitalized with a concussion so congresswoman slaughter has passed away she was the one she was the oldest member of the house of representatives only nine current members had served longer so and was first elected back in one thousand nine hundred seventy one thousand nine hundred six defeating republican fred eckart in a close race so this you know of course thoughts and prayers and you know sympathies to the family and the friends of congresswoman slaughter and this also now will be a seat that's going to be up for grabs there in western new york but again congresswoman louise slaughter democrat passing away at the age of eighty eight speaking of democrats the house minority leader nancy pelosi is all fired up about the wall check this this is classic this is i this makes me just so almost giddy this is calm you out some comedy you don't need shatter tonight live i mean that life is usually all that funny anyway but like saturday night live sometimes they have their moments here's a real life moment and the rest of the president's lead the wall i mean really civilized society we do something like that as obnoxious as it is you know that's a community there with a board running through it.

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