Students calling for change after the Parkland shooting


Like anthony's unfold quietly in hospitals after every mass shooting but what happened in parkland is different instead of retreating into their dated neighborhoods and asking for privacy for saying it was too soon to talk about guns we're about to go national all of this is about to be everywhere parkland decided it was exactly the right moment to talk about guns unless we act now it was the students who step forward i instead never again you've probably heard a lot from them over the last month but we were surprised about what they had to say about the fate of the gunman florida prosecutor announced today that he's going to seek the death penalty against nncholas crews and i just want to get your thoughts on that good good why could that he's seeking the death penalty for nick cruise i don't want to think about nick cruz i think the more we think about him the more he wins that being said i in a way i disagree with them rob forever rotten jail i wanna see him rot forever cameron just said but let me pursue the death penalty this'll be kept in the media for much longer i just don't want him to get what he wants i want him to suffer no matter what the death of one person as terrible of a personality is cannot outweigh the death of the seventeen alex wind a selfdescribed feeder geek jacqueline coren the junior class president student reporter david hog and senior emma gonzalez started what they call the never again movement in cameron caskey's living room i need to call them watching photos because there's last night in the hours after the attack filled with grief but fueled with anger and armed with their phones the teenagers got to work i they set off a firestorm of tweets many aimed at lawmakers they said yes to almost every interview request and used social media to organize a student led protest at the state capital this is about this is about moving forward with everybody in three weeks they'd convinced florida's republican governor rick scott to defy the national rifle association something that hasn't happened in florida in twenty years the new florida raises the age tobia rifle to twenty one introduces a three day waiting period on gun sales and i make more money available for mental health services give us a grade on.

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