All 6 victims from Florida bridge collapse identified



From abc news i'm dave packer police are trying to figure out who's behind the latest explosion in austin texas two people were hurt investigators say the city's fourth blast this month may have been caused by a trip wire the previous incidents involved package bombs that killed two people often resident crystal afoot says she's telling her child to be careful i think we're all more aware than how we will catch them thanks i'm definitely going to stress it more at our child to of anything that you see out of the ordinary you know just instantly report it president trump wrapping up as a tack on special counsel robert muller's russia investigation the president fired office series of tweets this weekend abc's tarapoto mary is at the white house trump have consistently undermined the investigation but this latest direct shot at muller comes his lead attorney is calling for the case to be shutdown lawmakers on both sides of the aisle warning trump that firing muller we'll have severe consequences but the white house reportedly saying there are no plans to fire muller students at florida international university returned to school today for their first classes since the tragic bridge collapse that killed six in a video on the school's official twitter feed f i you president mark rosenberg announced a moment of silence for the victims today at one forty seven pm to mark the moment that bridge came down and said the universities cooperating with the investor negation into the collapse we have a sense of urgency about getting to the bottom of this accident and we are cooperating and assisting with authorities for now the street the breach crashed onto will remain closed president trump heading to new hampshire today to announce his plan to combat opioid drug addiction nationwide calls for stiffer penalties for drug traffickers including the death penalty where appropriate under current law the plan also includes education programs and expanding access to drug addiction treatment you're listening to abc news your top local stories from.

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