Body of wife of Nobel-winning professor found at landfill


Wife of a nobel prize winning purdue professor found dead police say negi she was found wandering rural road south of rockford illinois early yesterday morning officers took him to an area hospital where they found out he and his wife had been reported missing monday a short time later investigators found his wife dead at a nearby landfill police do not believe foul play was involved doctrine again she won the nobel prize in chemistry in two thousand ten and has been professor at purdue since nineteen seventy nine john herrick ninetythree wibc mobile news before president trump meets with north korea your democrats senator says things might go better if the white house has a strategy before the meeting ninetythree wabc's chris davis report what senator joe donnelly says we need clear comprehensive united states strategy to address the urgent threat posed by north korea's nuclear missile program and that was actually signed into law back in december as part of the national defense plan and the ninety days they have to get it done is drawing close donald says he's talked with the white house administration and they say they're just not ready yet chris davis ninetythree wabc mobile news the final day for your state lawmakers to get stuff done at the state house they're still trying to resolve an issue over legalizing cannabis oil the deadline to pass bills is tonight at midnight and the pacers with a win over the seventy sixers in philly last night one to one ninety eight i'm c j miller on the level on the go on twitter at ninety three wibc and wibc dot com it's eight oh five matt bear has your traffic on the fi or a c j miller some serious shoulder action over on the.

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