Clouds likely will hide Wednesday's rare 'Super Blue Blood Moon' in Pittsburgh


And to share with you so that's what this releasing is all about it's all about shutting the light it not shutting lightly shutting her skin just getting rid of the things that no longer serve you and really stepping into who your meant to be because at the end of the day it's like why are we here you know it's like you might as well just be you and it's scary i'm definitely not a gear you've esnard shock where i'm why this is me in whatever i it took me a little bit and i don't see anything wrong with that and i feel like they're still more to me to be shed but in time and time so enough about me and let's talk about the moon report for march so march is pretty cool because like january we have two full minutes we have one on the first and the 31st and if you remember from january it was the same thing so again we have another blue moon bloom i can't say that ask and we also have spring equinox which is very very exciting things are blooming it's avenue is cold him more thank god is so cold here in vegas i do not like called you as i mean i like coal if i know i can get out of it and i'm stuck in it i just i just want to sleep i just want to like crawl in my coffee beautiful bad and with my hello kitty fleece blank ends.

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