The Latest: Nobel laureate Malala returns to Pakistan home



Danaher of the bbc and vivian salama of nbc news and there are a few people on this globe who whom we know primarily by their first name and one of them is malala the winner of the nobel peace prize who has visited her home country of pakistan for the first time this week the first time since the attack on her life back in two thousand twelve at the time she was only fifteen years old she was shot in the head by taliban militants for speaking out for women's education here is a part of her acceptance speech for the nobel peace prize i have found that despite me in many different ways some people call me the gut who was shot by the taliban and some the gun who fought for her right some people call me nobel laureate now however my brother still called me that annoying bossy sister is fine as i know i'm just a committed and even stubborn person wants to see every child getting quantity education wants to see women having eight one rights and who wants peace in every corner of the world vivian salama you are one of our pennells who has spent time in pakistan what does her return to her home country mean for her home country oh it's significant obviously she's become the symbol of fighting for women's rights fighting for human rights in general and someone who she's gone out on the world stage and portrayed pakistan as pakistan is to a lot of these people and really if they're so you know she she's a source of great pride for so many people in the country obviously there are elements in the country who also are against what she's doing and that's how she became known to us in the first place.

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