Judge rejects Saudi Arabia's attempt to toss 9/11 lawsuits


A forum to be held this friday also police announcing that they have new crowd control measures in place for tonight's game that's abc's qena woodworth step on clark's funeral set for eleven o'clock this morning a lawyer representing hundreds of survivors of the nine eleven attacks and the families of those killed celebrating a judge's ruling that their lawsuit can go forward against the government of saudi arabia jackie quinn reports the new york federal judge says the allegations that the government of saudi arabia assisted the september eleven hijackers meet the criteria of the justice against sponsors of terrorism act saudi arabia has been trying to get the case dismissed and the same judge previously rejected arguments that the saudi government helped fund al qaeda's rise as a terrorist group plaintiff's attorney shawn carter calls this a historic ruling he says families have been trying for years to get answers from the saudi government fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were saudis the nine eleven commission report though found no evidence of government involvement i'm jacky quin komo news time nine twenty one day your komo propel insurance money update positive day on wall street and get those numbers in just a moment but first china's commerce ministry urging washington to discard a tariff planet warns might set off a chain reaction that could disrupt the global trade ministry spokesman has given no details of how beijing might respond to president trump's tariff hikes what's his china will fight to the end to women say it's time for a reality check for the fashion industry abc's daria all winger explains almost three quarters of american women are a size fourteen or larger and they can't find a thing to wear and that made alexandra waldman angry six woman never had better taste she just had better options so she and her friend pauline eventually started universal standard which they describe as a size inclusive clothing line there was this invisible line being drawn that once you hit a certain size the fabric was worse the fit was worse the design was not mother and a few years later things are so successful universal standard is expanding to larger and smaller sizes daria albinger abc news grain on wall street right now dow jones up two hundred twenty one points the nasdaq ahead seventy three the sp five hundred up twenty six your next money update coming up.

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