Chemical weapons watchdog confirms Skripals poisoned by nerve agent


Seth wayne for the forecast high temps in the low fifties we're going for mostly cloudy skies showers are likely not going to be widespread rain but some of those showers might be heavy at times temperatures in the low fifties tomorrow is the rain continue some of that rain heavy once again friday and through the weekend as highs remain in the mid fifty s i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center mostly cloudy right now at seatac airport it's forty two degrees komo news time five thirty five four suspects arrested after a shooting in the central district tuesday afternoon are now tied to several driveby shootings and say the suspects were also involved in to drive bys in south seattle on monday to twenty year olds man and woman and two sixteen year old boys were all arrested engineers things they have pinpointed the source of leaks at the priest rapids dam on the columbia river they believe it involves the layers between some large sections of concrete the grant county public utility district which operates that damn says it continues to operate as usual and there's no threat to people or property well we can a half into oklahoma's teacher walkout growing number of school districts will reopen today but abc's jim ryan says the resumption of classes has not quelled the debate over education funding in that sooner state thank you mr speaker please recognize representative oklahoma legislature has moved on to other matters having passed measures intended to pump tens of millions of dollars into teachers salaries and school improvements the oklahoma city suburb of more will resume classes today many employees are not satisfied with the education package had about three hundred teachers are saying i'm not going back till they find it i'm not going back and they're hearing support from some parents tomorrow shoeprint tendon says there are enough substitutes to fill the empty spots at least for now jim ryan abc news the respected international chemical weapons watchdog the opcw has now confirmed that a former russian spy his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent in the uk more from abc's tom rivers in london well not using the name novacek the report by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons states that the chemical agent was of quote high purity but arguments will persist the opcw does not identify the source.

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