Tech billionaire says his plan to break up California ready for voters


A cumulus station reuben foster will be arraigned this afternoon on felony domestic violence and other charges he was arrested two months ago following a domestic dispute involving his girlfriend he allegedly left her bruised with a ruptured eardrum if convicted foster will face eleven years in prison the effort to split california has qualified for the ballot in november as we hear from jim roope cal three as the initiative is dubbed would split california into california southern california and northern california or any or all three can pick new names it's a scaled back version of tech billionaire tim draper's plan to split the state six ways he says right now one california is mismanaged stu big to diverse in population economics and resources to he says have one disconnected governor bill there has to be something fundamental that change initiative he says has gathered nearly twice the required number of signatures signaling wide support still however if voters pass it congress will have to approve the split jim roope los angeles car break ins are as communist starbucks san francisco but leaders are now trying to curb the problem san francisco mayor mark farrell and police chief bill scott say they are boosting efforts to collect fingerprints at crime scenes the are also rolling out in awareness campaign with the phrase if you love it don't leave it san francisco averaged more than eighty car break ins every day last year however the percentage of break ins drop by double digits the first part of this year thanks to added foot patrols and the creation of a centralized investigative team airbnb is stepping up to help out a wheel of fortune contestant who lost seventy one hundred dollars a trip to spain with a simple mispronunciation north carolina resident johnny knowles mispronounced flamenco airbnb is giving knowles.

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