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Yeah minutes the sadness of radio row there was this you know this beacon of light it was fred galleon that what he make us smile's so we just brought him auti would you like an hour day with us during a during their the jacksonville super bowl see and this super bowl was even more perfect where the location was because you know sports talk radio host aren't exactly the poster of fitness and they stuck this right in the middle of the mall food court in the mall of america after with nearly dimly lit glow the shake shack was a multitude of sports radio tables ride of what a great job by the shake jappie of the nfl's very upset at the shake jack because the shakes i got a ton of free advertising but with the nfl scouted out the food court in the mall of america there was no sign age like the shakes acted i'd have decided they had up this past week so they figured that'd be five so then they chose the food court and then shake jack being very smart put up a lot mike you you could explain this you were there put up tons of seionage so they can be seen a recognised while at radi while everyone's at radio rokan beating at radio row and the nfl was very upset by that which i think is a terrible job at the nfl and a great job i shake check 100 percent great free advertising lord knows i talked about that shake shack damn your every morning so we got plenty of that free advertising for me.

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