Nigeria: Why Four Nigerian Women in Korea Are Already Winners


You lethem notre box on the free skate so you still wouldn't met like their medals like before the medals no like i don't know of lesson it was for medals but it was for qualifying shit are you sure i just know that like the olympics really comes to a head in like a week or two i saw a girl win snowboarding i know but it's like i know i just why don't they do wait for it like the big of like you know michael phelps is always like he wasn't the first day of the olympic site killing in a truly but we are like the fourth day yeah i guess i can't keep up with the olympics because it's just not working with miss edge really i can totally keep up with the olympics because i'm always home and in bed watching tv and i'm loving curling every time i go to watch the olympics it's curling i'm not loving kerr its wildly interesting a little slow but i think it's something i can get into it's not that you know labourintensive right so it's definitely a sport i could see myself playing that and tables on us is that a winter olympic sport thing so so excited it's wild i can watch the olympics thanks i saw fifteen seventeen to paris a movie that we hear promoted on the show not you know for money just for for love of country love of country and here's the thing i saw the movie.

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