China's Xi Jinping allowed to rule indefinitely as constitutional amendment passes

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The us directly attacked a syrian airfield after accusing the regime of a chemical weapons attack syria denies it using poison gas and says accounts are fabricated by rebel groups mattis also criticised russia syria's ally over the numerous reports of chemical weapons attacks saying that russia is either incompetent or in cahoots with assad camille a'domino cki npr news the ncw march madness men's basketball tournament seeds were selected today the university of virginia earned the number one overall seed the other top seeds are villanova kansas and exert earlier and fourseed auburn got his first tournament invite in fifth sixteen years for polian games will be held tuesday and wednesday the games start on thursday asia markets are trading higher this hour the nikkei is up one point seven percent you're listening to npr news from washington community members in birmingham alabama took to a city park today to remember a high school students who was shot and killed last week andrew yegor of member station wb hm reports the prayer vigil endmarch comes two days after police charged another student in her death oh those at the gathering released purple balloons the favorite color of 17yearold cortlandt arrington she was fatally shot wednesday as classes were getting out at birmingham's huffman high school student march organizer jalen evans says aaron tim was a great person she was never base never had a bad it's it was always thought evaluated made of evans says he also played football with seventeen year old michael barber who prosecutors charged with manslaughter in connection with the death friday they say barbara brought a pistol to the school recklessly causing aaron since death school leaders say there are metal detectors at the school but they were not in use that day foreign pr news i'm andrew yegor in birmingham in china it's official president xi jinping can stay on the job for life lawmakers signed a historic constitutional amendment today abolishing term limits almost three thousand handpicked delegates at the national people's congress endorse the amendment today in a nearly unanimous vote the change returns china to the oneman rule system that prevailed during the era of dictator mazi dong and the emperor's who came before him at the weekend box office black panther took the top spot with an estimated forty one million dollars in ticket sales in second place a wrinkle in.

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