Killer Mike apologizes for interview with NRA TV


Critical lucky to be in the prince of all people the what is right that's how miley cyrus ended her slot at the rally in washington dc other performers included areana 'grande and common some big names flew into the capital to join the march for tighter gun control laws konya west and kim kardashian were there so were george and amal clooney at sister marches organized across the states and internationally there were more famous protesters amy schumer rita ora alleviate wild leona lewis willow smith they were all seen at the la march and in new york paul mccartney had this to say one of my best friends was killed in gun violence roy around here so it's important to me joan lennon but there was at least one dissenting voice killer mike is a rapper who performs with run the jewels in the past he's been an outspoken supporter of a black lives matter but on saturday the nra's tv channel released an interview with the musician toll marquees on the school walker i love you if you walk out there school walkout my house yesterday killer mike apologize for the timing of the interview he said i'm sorry that an interview i did was used as a weapon against you guys that was unfair to you and it was wrong and it disparage some very noble work you're doing.

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