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Your even financial longterm financial strategy for yourself different for all the right reasons it's fascinating discussion to be had and you mentioned that everyone can get i think it's about dividing the pie more about making more damn pie right wonderful day even though it's a little bit wet out there okay they got us right up to one o'clock no surprise there fascinating discussion this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago if you have a smart speaker just say play wgn radio onto an and it is one o'clock we go to the newsroom and here's bob kessler rain drizzle and fog and thirty nine at o'hare and strong winds could be causing some flooding along the lakeshore throughout the weekend wind gusts up to fifty miles an hour waves on the lake twelve to eighteen feet we could see some flooding near the shore flood warning isn't effect along the lake shore until ten am tomorrow french president emmanuel macron says the joint military operation by the us britain and france on syrian targets has achieved its goals macron's office said in a statement that he spoke with president trump and british prime minister theresa may after the strikes had ended its in response to syrian president assad government using suspected chemical weapons last weekend killing forty civilians the centers for disease control and prevention says a multistate e coli outbreak that has sickened nearly three dozen people's linked to lettuce grown in arizona the cdc's has thirty five people across eleven states where ill from chopped romain lettuce from huma naperville police are looking for three people suspected to be involved in a credit card scam at every a whole foods stores the suspects also targeted other locations in wheaton hinz dale the south loop and the gold coast in some residents in naperville say they're concerned it's kind of like they've lost touch with reality do things without any consequences april crime stoppers is offering a thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrests are you a half or a have not wgn's steve bertrand reports the number of have nots is growing by the year twenty thirty the richest one percent will control nearly twothirds of the world's money.

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