Warriors reassert dominance in playoff-opening blowout of Spurs


The nba playoffs if tipped off no steph no problem for golden state always feisty spirited stanley cup playoffs continue milan winning streak on the line of major league baseball this much more on the way thanks for joining us i'm john ryder nba and we start in the west game one golden state hosting san antonio steph curry expected to miss the entire first round series curry's been sidelined since march twenty third with a sprained left knee but still plenty of high octane offense for golden state lamarcus aldridge back style turks xbox wanna start to gave one nine points three rebounds in a block here's the ran on the other end triple is picking a nine point lead with three forty six to go in the first frame the warriors with an eleven point lead on the spurs after one quarter in oakland led by sixty at the half of the warriors get pouring it on in the second half tops it rises enhance a shot inside the late shot he wasn't even close to being square the basket as he grows up an eerie turns in faced put nylon batter today seven of eight for klay thompson at sixteen points sixteen point lead for the warriors what a shooting performance it was for thompson tops it off the curl light hits again inside.

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