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Yeah we're gonna take a trip literally and metaphorically well metaphorically indeed and what happened there was the show ended and you know they were slipping bob rae fulson who is one of the producers of the show wanted to become a director and so there still was a little bit of bankability bert schneider is partners dad i think own columbia studios so there was okay so they said okay let's make a monkey's feature film now in those days is i'm sure you know many times and there is a feature film based on a tv series the munsters mikhail's navy it's a ninety minute episode thing only it's monger recycle it's recycled recycled so there was a young guy in hollywood named jack nicholson he done some acting for roger corman and was kind of around in a hip guy or whatever and he knew the monkeys rafer alston nicholson in the four of them went to high for four or five days with a bag of of frozen and and we're not shy about sparkin up and they just through a bunch of ideas into a tape recorder and they got back and they said okay let's make this and in a way it's a decompression of the monkeys phenomena is but a lot of the jokes are kinda inge oaks where you had to really know what was going on to get it they unfortunately wrote it for themselves the audience.

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