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In the news center with the latest teachers don't seem to be taking to the twenty percent pay hike promised to them by twenty twenty from governor ducey i'm a teacher and i am really really not okay with this budget proposal because he leaves out so many of our support style and also doesn't even touch earth people spending ktar's bruce st james and pamela hughes s arizona teachers how they felt about the proposal to teachers they would rather the money put towards classrooms and their own pay which is about so much more than teachers and if they do accept only care about his teachers and not the rest of the tap on campus mesa public schools superintendent dr michael cowan telling ktar he appreciates ducey's responsiveness to teachers and that he's presented what he thinks is a strong viable option for the state to improve education however several schools today were read in protest to the announcement governor ducey's office tells ktar they've received positive feedback to the proposal made live in the news center i'm ali vetnar ktar news at twelve oh what would traffic every six minutes here's larry lewis live from the valley chevy dealers traffic center well bob we get crash activities slow things down for us on the two two red mountain westbound the fifty second street on ramp is blocked up this student went accident likely at fifty second street in the two zero two involving a pedestrian so if you're headed that way let's see a bit of a slowdown ten eastbound downtown crash for you east seventh street that one has got vehicles off left and off right collision bell road at tatum nother one forty three rd avenue south of indian school traffic's brought to you by scientology network the only things more interesting than what you've heard is what you had it curious watch scientology network under tv channel three twenty or go to scientology dot tv i'm larry lewis ktar news ktar weather for the valley it'll be sunny.

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