Missile strike against Syrian chemical weapon facilities


An iheartradio station forty degrees in chile at three o'clock good morning i'm polly christman reaction on capitol hill was swift after an airstrike aimed at serious chemical weapon plants five weapons including these missiles we're deployed against three chemical weapons targets in syria according to the pentagon adding syria tried to shoot down allied missiles but failed a democrat on the senate armed services committee connecticut's richard blumenthal limited military strike what's wellmerited against fat but now he has an obligation to bring to the congress and the american people and overall strategy all says action was so limited as unlikely to provoke any meaningful response from the russians russian ambassador to the un vassily zia at today's security council meeting the concern that the state might go might go in unpredictable direction lieutenant general kenneth mackenzie at the pentagon were ready for it we're postured both in the region and globally on the balls of our feet and we're ready for anything he was officials say they believe that seren and chlorine were used in these suspected syrian gas attack of a week ago chuck sivertsen abc news police say an alleged shoplifter is dead after getting into an alternate with employees at a brooklyn grocery store the man was allegedly stealing food from a stop and shop on flatbush avenue he's still in it's a crime but they did not have to kill him why did they kill him why why told him that he can't breathe and they killed them anyway a friend of the victim says the fifty one year old man was put in a chokehold.

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