Police: Mother of girl who died used super glue to close son's wound


W x ks fm hd two medford an iheartradio station this is wbz newsradio ten thirty where the news watch never stops wbz news time four o'clock it's mostly cloudy right now up to forty three degrees in boston we'll check traffic and weather together coming up but first this pm commute is brought to you by the new england honda dealers featuring the all new two thousand eighteen accord and the all wheel drive crv for life around here topping our news at four today a fitchburg boy whose sister died after police say both were beaten by their mother told police they were attacked by bullies he also said his mom closed a wound on his neck was superglue wbz's lana jones with more on our top story the police report says the bruise had injuries to his face and the girl had bruises a barriers ages over her entire body it says shayna pedroso had a note in her possession indicating that the children had been bad and were beaten grosso and the father marvin brita were held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing next week the boy is now in the custody of the department of children and families in pittsburgh landon jones wbz newsradio ten thirty the city of boston settles with the family of kaiser willis he's the young boy who drowned in the summer of twenty sixteen playing at the beach the summer camp at carson beach mayor wall says he knows the money won't bring the boy back but he hopes to provide some closure for the child's family one of the democrats running for paul ryan's house seat was kansin says the speaker decided to quit rather than face the voters ryan announcing today he is not seeking reelection he says serving in congress has been one of the two greatest honors of his life it's easy for to take over everything in your life and you can't just let that happen because there are other things in life that can be fleeting as well.

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