Villanova Wildcats All-America forward Mikal Bridges to bypass senior season, enter NBA draft


Incognito says he's retiring at age thirty four after twelve nfl seasons because of medical issues telling the buffalo news is liberal and kidneys are shutting down and that the stress is killing him and that he wants to be in the hall of fame the only way incognito is going to the hall of fame is like the rest of us with a paying ticket in fact incognito appeared headed for the hall of shame five years ago when he was suspended by the dolphins for his key role in a bullying scandal after which he was forced to sit out the entire twenty four team season all american junior forward mikhail bridges out of ncwa champion villanova has announced he's headed for the nba he's graduating in may after averaging seventeen and a half points five and a half boards a game sissies most looking forward to going up against two guys in particular in the nba podgorze acquire letter just because they're both players and you know we both could shoot they defend they also go off the dribble and make plays from mchale bridges to the lakers who have two games remaining but for one player these games are like the nba finals the lakers just announcing the signing of ten year g league veteran guard andrei ingram the g league's all time leader in three point baskets in three point percentage at forty six percent the thirty two year old ingram went undrafted after four seasons at american university in the patriot league also played one year in perth australia nervously excited hopeful obviously as a bunch of enjoyment every feeling that you would expect it's all of that feel good story of the year in the nba with andrei ingram and the.

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