Daniel Craig Says Bond 25 Is His Next Project


Nba right now philadelphia beat atlanta one twentyone one thirteen seventy sixers have won fifteen in a row to baseball nashville over the iowa cubs seven and nothing boston over the fourteen to one pittsburgh beat the cubs eight five minnesota dropped houston four to one seattle over kansas city eight three saint louis beat milwaukee five three tampa bay over the white sox six five i'm mark allen for newsradio ten forty who i see that sister jean dolores schmidt is back in the sports news did you see that i did in ninety eight year old chaplain of the loyal chicago basketball team they asked her to throw out the first pitch for the cubs home opener which i think was delayed because they had snow there for a while so anyway they took her out there she from her wheelchair she threw an underhanded pitch and she laughed as bob bounce toward home plate so i wonder if they clocked it whatever that's exactly right just a bit outside bad news for the three of you guys you know how daniel craig said for a longtime he wasn't going to be james bond anymore franchise and that they were going to have to look for another james bond well seems like you guys are not going to get the chance to play james bond because he has decided to go ahead and do it what i love is when he said the only reason i would ever come back is if they offered me a lot of money he's getting he's going to be doing the twenty fifth installment of the spy film this is his fifth time in the role and he dropped the bomb while he was auctioning off his personal 2014 austin martin for chow oh yeah no i liked him as bond so i'm excited about that and then that's it.

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