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Other legal interactions that you have a maybe it's too early to say but i but i wonder if you're feeling that yet actually uh yes i am i actually just came from i am eat the two n as speaking at the national trial lawyers and lawyers are very concerned they're all kinds of legal issues but you know ah due process you know for the man who are accused but you know all stay above the top of their list well it is and you know anyway i raise the issue of what if a member isn't jews what are you gonna do but anyway i'm just that's the way i am this kind of disturbing to them but you know i say if you you know if what i'm saying as we say does not embarrass you or disturb you're upset you then if it does then you probably needed this more than anyone so i think they needed that more than anyone but they were very good natured about it any way to the the issue is this there are many legal issues coming out now but the women are speaking out summer having confidential settlements we do a lot of those and then the legislature's want to ban certain confidential settlements and i say no you shouldn't restrictive victims choices and there's all kinds of issues in a manner saying look i should have a trial nobody went to the police and nobody reported this and i haven't been prosecuted criminally and i had this no civil lawsuit against me so why should i lose my job all easier legitimate questions okay there are all legitimate questions and i can't say that i have all the answers but we have to all you know we have to work on this but i am proud of the people who decide they want to speak what they say is the truth about their life the reason we have the lawsuit against president trump is because truth matters and that's what that case is all about it really does women are women are people of.

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