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Radio and tune in nick de is up next here with your news is gone expanded fog and mist at o'hare it's thirty one degrees this morning fbi agents on monday raided the offices home hotel of president trump's lawyer michael cohen it's part of a case that's been assigned a federal prosecutors in new york but it began with a referral from special counsel robert muller muller investigating whether members of trump's 2016 campaign colluded with russia during the election president trump's promising what he calls quick and forceful action in response to saturday's deadly suspected chemical weapons attack in syria at least sixty people were killed reuters reports the number of injured is more than a thousand it happened in the city of douma near serious capital damascus facebook ceo mark zuckerberg begins two days of congressional testimony today before joint hearing of the senate judiciary and commerce committees he was on capitol hill monday he met with some of the lawmakers he'll be questioning him today about the cambridge analytica scandal arizona governor doug ducey deployed more than two hundred national guard troops to the us mexico border monday your mission is to support the efforts of the us department of homeland security and their efforts to secure the border and keep the communities on the board xs governor greg abbott says he'll deploy more than a thousand national guard troops it's part of the white house effort to secure the southern border and reduce illegal immigration back locally the illinois department of public health is bracing for more deaths involving severe bleeding from synthetic cannabinoid wgn's judy pielach reports three people now dead in more than one hundred in chicago in central illinois have experienced excessive bleeding after smoking or eating the synthetic substance many have tested positive for rat poison every day the number of cases goes up synthetic products are human made mind altering chemicals that are sprayed onto dry plant material public house director near shots as the product is nothing like actual marijuana it is unpredictable and now we know deadly judy pilot wgn news and supporters of the equal rights amendment will rally state legislators today jennifer lee is with the air illinois coalition movement me to this is the time and what women want to have their rights codified into law she says they expect a vote in the legislature this spring illinois is seen as a key state in.

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