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Oh adjust of it yes he will these stanley cup playoffs get underway wednesday the predators on the presidents trophy and the lightning took top spot in the eastern conference and finally russell crowe's the art of divorce auction rate in two point eight million dollars which included these selling of a chest protector that he wore in the oscar winning film gladiator that went for ninety six thousand dollars allison can you give me more details on this place i want some more details on the art of divorce auction maybe we can get a guest on the can explain to us everything i this is a funny thing he made three million dollars just selling his divorce stuff three million dollars russell crowe did you just read the store did you not remember the number was two point eight million dollars that's a fun listen i'm all about accuracy on this show and you got it wrong two point eight million dollars it's actually three point seven for all the latest headlines and information tune in the sportscenter on espn radio all throughout the day alison help me out here because you're the voice of reason and by the way got yo dollars for the last segment you read the internet wrong give us the real story about patrick read villainous masters champion stu gods botched everything about the quotes the everything mother said what do you have for us he is a strange with his parents and his wife just seen his on has written on social media in two thousand sixteen she claimed that there was physical and verbal abuse in his childhood they've denied that but that's where the the estrangement is coming from janette read said quote i can't believe my son is the masters champion it's surreal it was a dizzying mix of pride and pain.

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