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Jared Kushner visits Mexico to repair relations, but leaves US ambassador out



The main over three hundred twenty thousand the new jersey alone all the president's soninlaw jared kushner is in mexico city today white house senior adviser jared kushner meeting with mexican president hanging yet to when other mexican officials the mexican foreign ministry says kushner conveyed a message from president trump on the importance of working together on issues like crime drugtrafficking arms and cash crossing the border they say both sides agreed that a meeting between the presidents would depend on progress on nafta security economic cooperation and immigration dave packer abc news president trump's former campaign chairman returns to a federal courtroom today paul manafort faces charges stemming from the special counsel investigation into russian election meddling in two separate federal court she has already pleaded guilty to five charges in washington d c he also faces eighteen counts of bank fraud tax fraud and money laundering in the eastern district of virginia and is due in alexandria to formally plead not guilty prosecutors have said manafort faces up to nineteen years in prison if convicted abc's aaron katersky secretary of state rex tillerson is i mean if you open your for his fivenation tour of the continent byrne a news conference with the chair of the african union commission chairperson tillerson acknowledged that today is international women's day a day where we recognize the social economic cultural political achievement of women across the world you're listening to abc news top local stories from the komo twenty four seven news center officials are trying to figure out what lit up the sky in rumbled like an earthquake in grays harbor county sheriff rick scott saw the explosion in the sky i saw a huge slaps show what appear to be orange light light up entire horizon to the west and even here in farming by vehicle with the radio gunsights but i'm it whatever was was a huge huge first bright light still no word on what caused it the.

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