Comey to appear on Stephen Colbert’s show


As uniquely amazing as her available at only one place that's why he were to jarrett all george stephanopoulos does he get aced out here you're out james coffee as pimp wringers book that's right that's what i said he's biggest part it's a political document he is now a political figure unambiguously now it turns out that we were balking last week what is it george stephanopoulos announced they announced that they were getting the big scoop on the komi interview and now steven coal bear because it's all a tv show it's all just programming our government is just programming colmey has announced her the stephen colbert show has announced that effort former fbi director james comey we'll be stephen coal bears guest on april seventeen set your dvr is everybody so when when was stephanopoulos bragging about about have in amman oh he's april fifteen oh c he's got an agent i wonder who the fbi director is agent is we gotta check and see the former fbi director agent is this is uh colmey is in a world of pu and and he belongs there because he put himself there quite honestly but the media's gonna love it because he's anti trump and all that good stuff and and we've got that gone force so stephanopoulos has james comey on april fifteen tonnes steve that's abc and now stephen colbert cbs is announcing colmey his guest hit on april seventeen because it's all a tv show because that's it that's what it's about it's just television don't worry your little heads about our government you know at this rate george clooney will be our next president completely nuts so moi i listen i gotta david sanger you know him he's with the new york times and he was on the television yesterday on cnn and he didn't say what they wanted about north korea i don't know if he's going to be invited back anytime soon he accidentally told the truth which is a gaffe in washington d c he screwed up he told the truth about north korea and trump we'll have that we've got uh senator ted cruz for yep and we've got a number of things here and sebastian gorka on the fox.

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