Kremlin says Trump invited Putin to White House


For beacon hill senate president harry chandler expects results of the ethics investigation into former senate leader stan rosenberg and a matter of weeks chandler says the turmoil has not helped but believes the three or four months lawmakers have been back in session have been productive escalating trade tensions between the us and china sent wall street tumbling today the dow losing nearly two percent at the close word from the kremlin the president trump has invited president putin to the white house here's cbs's major garrett the president's suggested a white house summit with his phone call with vladimir putin on march twentieth today the white house said washington was only one possible location suggesting not much groundwork has been laid for a full blown summit the kremlin cast doubt on a potential meeting noting that both countries have recently expelled dozens of diplomats and close consulates in an ever escalating dispute over allegations that russia used a nerve agent to poison one of its former spies who was in great britain the white house drafting a legislative package to shut down some loopholes in immigration laws socalled catch and release policies sanctuary cities and asylum laws are all coming under the microscope according to senior administration officials now the the white house and the department of homeland security are working on a legislative package that they hope will deter illegal immigration and shore up political support heading into the upcoming midterm elections the bill would focus on deterrence to illegal immigration it does not appear that this legislative package would include any resolution of dhaka walnut zak abc news washington wbz news time eight oh three traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic.

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