Jeff Bezos Has Lost $16 Billion Since Donald Trump Started Tweeting About Amazon


Five percent monday which impart field losses on wall street the dow falling nearly five hundred points jeff all right i won't be short amazon ceo jeff bezos who was invited to white house tech round table last year has lost sixteen billion dollars since the president started tweeting about his company basis us also owns the washington post which the president often criticises but this morning the newspaper insist basis has no role in the papers news coverage adding to the jitters on wall street fears of an increase in trade war china has imposed new tariffs on us pork steel pipes and apples which could impact states like iowa but not georgia the georgia department of agriculture saying it is not a big changes following china's action because ninety percent of georgia's produce entering the fresh enters the fresh market and therefore not exported offshore and poultry products are not on the tariff list there you go jay black is at augusta after a short break wsb news time is four fifty two as the eyes of.

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