Battle Royale's Blitz Mode Now Available


It's monday march nineteenth you're listening to the glenn beck program do you feel like you get any news real news from anybody anymore you feel like you you even understand when you're online you feel like you really understand and can trust the stories anymore i've got to go to fourteen different sources before i trust that i have it down yeah i'm honestly just bored with it at this point you know it's weird it's not boring in a seventeen hundreds really it's boring in the fast and furious kind of way like we all know that you go to a fast and furious movie and there's going to be a lot of car chases and explosions and it's not to say that any of those individual things aren't exciting but when you step back are you excited about a new fast and furious movie it's the same crappy i know everything you know there's going to be a car that takes off from one bridge blows up in mid air flips over the person inside is going to jump out of the car and land is somehow in another car on the other bridge again you don't wanna think i understand what you're saying because if you miss one fast and furious new can pick it up the next one didn't you kind of roll your eyes while you're there and it's and it's like the media reaction to all this is always constant massive mega explosions with vin diesel level and you get that every single day for multiple years and it just becomes dull you know i know it's an explosion but it's just dull at this point i'm every one of these every day i feel like we just waste our time did tokyo drift really anyone's life and i think the answer to that is no no so here's some good news for you the women's march is losing membership really good news members of its own administration after refusing to distance itself from the noted antisemitic louis farrakhan according to the new york post the group's social media director elissa klein jumped ship last week and condemned she wrote in on twitter.

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