Pedestrian killed by self-driving Uber car in Arizona, police say


This bill next month monica rix kfi news zuber has suspended self driving vehicle program after one of its cars hit and killed a pedestrian in tempe arizona police say the vehicle was an auto mode with the driver behind the wheel when a woman walking outside of crosswalk was hit overnight uber has been testing the self driving vehicles in tempe and phoenix for months uber says on twitter it is fully fully cooperating with the investigation and expressed condolences to the family of the victim believes in austin texas says it looks like all four bombings in the past three weeks could be related the latest bomb went off last night in a different part of the city hurting to people atf agent frederic milnes cow ski so unlike the past three which looked like passages packages rather this one used a trip wires changes things it's more sophisticated it's not targeted to individuals were very concerned that with trip wires a child could be walking down the sidewalk and hit something the latest bomb went off shortly after officials announced an increased reward of one hundred fifteen thousand dollars for info leading to an arrest the pga tour set to begin the dell matchplay championship in west austin this week it's a security advisers are working closely with local police to keep players and fans safe the championship starts wednesday last through sunday is being held at the austin country club authorities believe the attacks are the.

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