Florida bridge collapse: Design change put project behind schedule, millions over budget


Jose it's two o'clock this is cbs news on the hour presented by ziprecruiter i'm dave barrett two students were shot and wounded one critically this morning it maryland's great mill high the shooter is dead not clear if austin wyatt rollins was killed by the school resource officer or if you took his own life sheriff tim cameron we continued to interview witnesses collect forensic evidence from multiple crime scenes and examined the shooter's electronic devices and all aspects of social media cbs's bill rakoff a saint mary's county sheriff says there were fourteen hundred students inside great mills high school when this morning shooting occurred and he's thankful there weren't any further injuries he says there appeared to be a connection between the suspect seventeen year old austin rollins in the sixteen year old girl that he shot and critically wounded another fourteen year old boy who was shot may have been a bystander he's listed in good condition near san antonio a device exploded inside a fedex shipping center slightly injuring a woman cbs's omar villafranca if law enforcement agents are able to link the fedex bombing with the four bombings in austin it would mark the first time that the suspected bomber is using a delivery service to try to mail one of the bombs the first three in austin were handdelivered on the porch is the fourth one used a trip wire which means the bombers methods could be changing pedestrian bridge that collapsed at florida international university killing six people was maidens of dollars over budget and behind schedule ap says if there was a design change apparently there was the main pylon was moved eleven feet to the edge of a canal made the gap between the crossing supports wider it's not clear if that change contributed to the bridge collapse before donald trump became president porn stars stormy daniels alleges that she and he had an affair cbs's paula reed says the daniels did take and pass a polygraph test seven years ago or three key questions at the astor the first and i'm quoting here around july two thousand sixteen intercourse donald trump she said yes around that same time did you have unprotected sex with donald trump nondisclosure agreement invalidated mississippi's.

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