World's last male northern white rhino, named Sudan, dies

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Resume military exercises on the first of april there have been speculation the maneuvers would be scaled back to avoid jeopardizing peace talks from so here's laura bicker the military exercises involving hundreds of thousands of troops are held every spring in south korea and the usually inflamed pyongyang state media in north korea have described them in the past as preparation for war the exercises were respond this year during the winter olympic games in an effort to keep the dialogue with north going a spokesman for the pentagon said that the combined exercises our defense orientated and there's no reason for north korea to them as a provocation world news from the bbc norway's justice minister sylvie list hug has announced her resignation after emotion of no confidence was table again tabled against her her decision eases the pressure on the minority government which was in danger of collapsing ms list how count accused the labor opposition of putting the rights of terrorists above national security this angered the party because nearly seventy vince young activists were killed by right wing fanatic the weinstein company which has filed for bankruptcy has an answer it's releasing any victims of harvey weinstein's alleged misconduct from any nondisclosure agreements that had prevented them from speaking out the attorney general of new york has described it as a watershed moment the world's last male northern white rhinos died in kenya bringing the sub subspecies to the very brink of extinction the fortyfiveyearold rhino named through dan was in poor health and was put down on monday unless aletha does the story the northern white rhino has been poached almost out of existence the demand for rhino horn wiped out thousands of the subspecies across central africa in the nineteen seventies and eighties and they were considered extinct in the wild ten years ago now there are only two left and they're both females the daughter and the granddaughter of sudan scientists and conservationists tried everything to get the forty five year old male to mate they even posted an advert on tinder as part of a publicity campaign the only future for northern white rhinos now lies in ivf technology that's never been tried before harvesting eggs.

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