H.R. McMaster, national security adviser, very likely to lose his job


Get the keywords attacks in win forty four partly cloudy going down to twenty six degrees kyw's time one forty washington is waiting for the next hughes to drop with rampant speculation that more personnel changes are in the works at the highest levels of the trump administration president's national security adviser it said to be on thin ice and sources say the chief of staff may also soon depart while the press secretary insists the president has a good working relationship with hr mcmaster and that there are no changes at the national security council sources say the national security adviser is very likely to lose his job general mcmaster could receive a fourth star and get a new post the current commander of u s forces in korea is expected to soon transition out separately to sources tell cbs news chief of staff john kelly whose relationship with the president has become strained could resign as early as today steven portnoy cbs news now under and now under investigation a defense department officials confirm a military helicopter crash in iraq and h h sixty pave hawk helicopter crashed in iraq thursday near the border with syria there were seven personnel onboard the chopper at the time an investigation is underway but according to the military early indication say no hostile fire was involved in the accident the cause of the crash has not been confirmed this accident comes one day after two naval aviators were declared dead after their faa eighteen fighter jet crashed off the.

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