Prosecutors drop assault charges in Penn State hazing death


And teenagers in that time melissa barklay wtmj news hennigan says all seven service members on board a us military helicopter were killed in a crash in iraq more from abc's tom rivers defense officials say so far there's no indication that the pave hawk helicopter was shot down the chopper had been used by the air force for combat search and rescue and it was in transit from one location to another when it came down near the town of kwame and bar province near the syrian border six people now said to be dead in that bridge collapse on the campus of florida international university miami dade police spokesman elvira zabaleta says rescue crews are still searching through the rubble that bridge whatever's left of it is very very unstable so we have to be very careful as they're moving stuff because of the fact that you're talking to tons of concrete the bridge was lifted into place just five days ago prosecutors are topping all assault charges against members of penn state fraternity in a hazing death of a pledge details from cbs news anne marie green investigators say tim piazza was given at least eighteen alcoholic drinks over ninety minute period last year he fell down basement stairs hitting his head fraternity members found him unconscious but waited forty minutes before calling for help prosecutors will continue to pursue involuntary.

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