US probes 4 deaths in Hyundai-Kia cars when air bags failed


New england wbz news time is ten nineteen we have thirty one degrees mostly sunny skies in boston good morning i'm art cohen wbz news or cough stories now officials at florida international university say they met with contractors and the department of transportation after an engineer alerted them to cracks in the pedestrian bridge that collapsed thursday killing six people the deadly collapse of the pedestrian bridge in florida cast a spotlight on accelerated bridge construction the rapid construction technique widely used around the us air bags in some hyundai and kia cars fail to inflate in crashes and four people died now the us government's road safety agency wants to know why the agency says the probe covers twenty eleven hyundai sonata is and twenty twelve and twenty thirteen kia forte's waymo the self driving car developed by google has started shuttling people around phoenix arizona the pilot program is the first time passengers truly gone driverless new hampshire state legislators reject efforts to pursue a presidential pardon for a man in prison for his role in organizing armed backers of nevada rancher cliven bundy after a twenty fourteen standoff the new hampshire house on thursday voted down the resolution for gerald jerry d'alema's he received seven years in prison in two thousand seventeen for ties to the confrontation that became a rallying cry for those who want vast stretches of federal land in the us west put under local control charges against bundy and others were dismissed in january drag style rupaul is awarded a start on the hollywood star excuse me on the hollywood walk of fame the two time emmy award winning host of rupaul drag race said the honor was a lifelong dream come true i love all of you and i wish for each and every person within the sound my voice that your dreams can come true as mine have.

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