Xi reappointed as China's president with no term limits

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China's national people's congress is in session this week the big headline is the removal of term limits for president xi jinping but what about the lack of women just a quarter of the nearly three thousand delegates to the congress or women there are almost no women in china's communist party leadership just one woman in the twenty five member politburo joining us now is yoon son co director of the east asia program and director of the china program at the simpson center thanks for joining us thank you for having me and does that surprise you that there are so few women in leadership positions in china it's not surprising because historically this has being the same same there is a pattern of a low level of representation by females in the chinese politics and especially on the senior politics in terms of the senior leadership yearly we lucky if we see two women on the highest level of for example pulley barrel and a two of twenty five members was a highest levels that we have ever got so now we end up with one female member at the bureau level and this kind of normal for chinese politics and why is that why is that normal there are many factors in play here so first of all we know that china in the orientales asian culture there is a cultural barrier to senior political rosebowl women because the traditional definition of women's role in society is a caregiver to female representation in chinese politics is still regarded as for attack horatio purpose so they will act you have females as a national people's congress at politico to show the world that well women are important on the we are having female representation in our in our political system but the ones they fulfilled that decoration purpose they stop looking beyond this one woman or two women and tried to promote more women to join to participate.

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