Man disguised as construction worker seen prowling West Seattle neighborhood


Enthusiasts since nineteen thirty seven the range was nestled into the mountainside long before any school was built meanwhile two years ago the gun range says they improve the sound of bateman technology reducing the noise by fifty percents they shoot in one direction the schools are in the exact opposite direction but just after nationwide walkouts response to the parkland florida school shooting parents are worried about what would happen if an active shooter situation happened here nobody would know if it was the gun range or somebody coming into the school students i spoke with say the range noise would not affect their response to a gunman on campus that's komo's patrick quinn reporting a west seattle neighborhood is on romancing prowling around a home in broad daylight komo's tammy matassa has one family's warning jacek family knows there's a lot of construction in west seattle right now but no nancy non their surveillance camera dressed in a construction best wasn't at their house to do any work i haven't seen that move before i wouldn't be surprised if that's the play seen on camera prowling around the families yard and garage trying to open doors and windows but he's trying to open this up it's obviously locked and then he comes walking around here moments later mrs archana says she comes home interrupting his prow she sees him quickly run away as she pulls into the garage the family says they've tightened security by strategically placing cameras around their property and investing in an alarm system if anybody's heads like packages taken from their yard if you've had stuff stolen off your front porch it's very frustrating the you kind of feel violated little bit near the alaska junction police say they're seeing an increase in street robberies and thefts komo news time is nine eleven and the sports desk we go as the fourth seeded gonzaga bulldogs fortunate to escape with the first round win in the ncaa tournament yesterday in boise holding off number thirteen north carolina greensboro sixty eight sixty four guard satis nelson on the win every game he might be ugly might have changed turnovers may go for him but it means about winning losing marching today the best but the zags now face ohio state in the second round that's a four forty five tip off tomorrow from boise as the zags will try to continue toward another possible final four.

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