DOJ takes regulatory step towards bump stock ban

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Live from NPR News in Washington on Janine herbs, The Justice Department today filed new regulations that would ban the sale and manufacture of bumps stocks as an peers carry Johnson reports. Those are the devices that modify rifles to fire, like automatic weapons Las Vegas shooter. Steven panic used bump stocks in his 2017 attack that left fifty eight people dead President Donald Trump called on the Justice Department to change its regulations and formally banned bump stocks DOJ has now launched that process, but supporters of Gun Safety say only Congress can Act Senator Dianne Feinstein of California points out. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has told lawmakers the agency lacks the authority to make that change on its own. Turning deregulation rather than congress means the issue could be tied up in court. She says, and bump stocks could continue being sold, carry Johnson NPR News, Washington Syrian government forces say they have taken more ground in the rebel-held and. On Clave of eastern Gouda human rights monitors, say hundreds of civilians have died since the government launched its offensive. Three weeks ago, The BBC Sebastian usher reports. Several sources say the troops have moved in even deeper and managed to cut off the two biggest towns in the region Duma and Harris data residents say the casualties amounting again in a town, we just twenty four hours ago. A convoy of eight was finally being delivered Syrian state media Rashawn troops inside the small town of Ms rubber in the center of eastern Gouta. The biggest rebel group Daesh al-Islam denies that its Phoolan But if Ms rubber is in government hands than the enclave will, in effect have been divided in half as well. The BBC, Sebastian usher Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in Kenya but cancelled all of his public events today because he was feeling under the weather enters Aitor Peralta reports Tillerson is now feeling better and will continue his tour tomorrow. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been on the world Wind Tower. Of Africa that has taken him to Ethiopia Djibouti and Kenya, The secretary spokesman said he was not feeling well after a long couple of days of dealing with quote major issues back home, such as North Korea, Tillerson was supposed to meet with embassy staff in Nairobi, and he was a postal, a wreath at a memorial for the 1998 US embassy bombing. The meeting with staff at the embassy has not been rescheduled. After Kenya, Tillerson will head the Chad and Nigeria, both strong allies in the US war against terrorism. It brought up in News Nairobi. Most Americans will lose an hour of sleep tonight as the majority of the country returns to daylight saving time clocks to be turned ahead one hour it to tomorrow morning The most do it before going to bed. But on all states, follow the time change including Hawaii, most of Arizona, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Marianas. You're listening to NPR News From Washington. In Vancouver, thousands demonstrated against a pipeline expansion That would nearly triple the flow of oil from Canada's tar sands to the ocean. Indigenous leaders led the march. The Trans mountain pipeline expansion would dramatically increase the number of oil tankers traveling the shared waters between Canada and Washington State Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the project in late 2016 saying it was in Canada's best interest. Opponents though say it will increase the risks of oil spills and potential impacts on fish and other wildlife. Like anther is surpassed the one billion dollar mark in global box office sales Andrews, Windsor Johnston reports the latest super hurled blockbuster from marvel and Walt Disney is continuing to draw record crowds two movie theaters around the world. What. Black Panther is the first Marvel movie to earn one billion dollars Since Captain America's Civil War cleared a one point one billion dollars in ticket sales two years ago. The action flick featuring black Superheroes was pushed over the mark on its opening day in China earning nearly 23 million dollars. But it may have some competition. This weekend. Newcomer and fellow Disney film A wrinkle in time is making its debut. The film directed by Eva Duvernois has been highly anticipated since Disney made her the first ever black woman to direct a movie with a budget over one hundred million dollars. Windsor Johnston NPR News. I'm Janine Herbst and you're listening to NPR News From Washington.

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